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We are Riversedge Photography, a boutique photography studio dedicated to providing our clients an incredible experience as they embark on life's most exciting journys. We have been fortunate enough to have been photographing newborns, families, senior graduations, and weddings for over 12 years. Each significant moment capturing a feeling, telling a story, a memory set in time. We love what we do and it shows in the time, care and energy we put into each and every shoot.


Hi I??™m David Matuzeski. I know that??™s a hard one...no worries. I??™ve found the easiest, most comical way to remember it is “man-on-a-jet-ski."

I have the great fortune of doing what I love as a full-time job. I have the opportunity meet new people and talk to them daily. Meet me and you??™ll discover that tid-bit about me right away. I like to talk.

Change. This is the single most important reason why I love being a photographer. Living in West Michigan we get a lot of that. Creating images that capture a moment in someone??™s life keeps me creatively satisfied. Meeting new people and trying out new ideas with my photographic process always keeps me pushing to create a fresh approach to my craft.

When I??™m not busy shooting, you??™ll find me enjoying time with my beautiful wife, Jennifer, and our two adorable daughters, Adriana and Quinn. I also enjoy spending my spare time golfing, cooking, and entertaining friends and family. So if you're reading this, and think that you'd enjoy an entertaining photo experience filled with laughter and new memories, give us a call or drop us an email.


Everybody meet Troy Wells.

I smile…a lot.

The three things that make me smile the most are my wonderful wife Betsy, our beautiful 2 year old baby boy Caden, and doing what I love for a job. I love to travel - it's hard to beat spending a beautiful day in a new place with the people you love. Sometimes a block away is all the further you need to go.

During the summer months you can find me using Western Michigan's pristine landscape as my photographic background. In the Winter and Spring time, I will be taking advantage of all Southern Florida has to offer a lifestyle photographer.

Being a photographer allows me to share in exciting life experiences and capture moments to last a lifetime. I also enjoy making new friends, seeing the world, and, oh yeah – smiling a lot.

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